A Guy, A Girl, & A Time Machine: TMNT Part 1

Hello Everyone, and welcome back for another episode of A Guy, A Girl, and a Time Machine!  In this episode, we are extremely fortunate to have a wonderful guest: Mr. Rob Luther!  If you haven’t been listening to our regular Bargain Bin podcast (WHY HAVEN’T YOU), Rob hosts a number of podcasts, but the one we talk about the most is the Turtle Flakes Podcast.  So in this episode, we dedicate most of our time talking about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  This post will have part 1, but part 2 will posted with it as well.  Thank you so much to Rob for taking the time to talk with us and for spending the virtual evening actually with us. ~Nicole


A Guy, A Girl, & a Time Machine: TMNT Part 2

Here is part two of our podcast with Rob where in we discuss the new 2014 TMNT movie, a variety of books, and go way off topic!  Enjoy! ~Nicole


Ninja Turtles: A Day in the Life, Part 4 by Joshua O’Rourke

  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles April felt her heart sink down around her ankles. The Dominators were bad news. They were some type of group that was targeting mutants and killing them with zero tolerance. They didn’t care what type of mutant you were, whether you were a criminal or not; if you were a mutant, you were as good as dead. And the worst part was, no one had ever seen them before the murders started, and no one had heard from them since they had stopped. All April knew was that they had it out for the Turtles since the day they had made themselves known. “April…” “April…” Donatello said. April’s mind had wandered off while Donatello had continued talking. He did that sometimes. He didn’t mean to, it’s just that the guy was like a walking text book He was full of information just waiting to be unleashed. “April, did you hear me?” “I’m sorry Donnie. Could you say that again?” April said. “Of course, I said that there are two points of interest here.” “You mean other than the dead body?” “Yes,” Donatello said, “For starters, the victim’s liver was removed. They were stitched back together[…]


Ninja Turtles: A Day in the Life, Part 3 by Joshua O’Rourke

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “Oh my God, could this coffee maker brew any slower?” April O’Neil leaned against the counter in her kitchen. In front of her, the coffee maker stood magnanimous and proud at the power it wielded over the puny humans that thought it was merely a thing. How little people knew. Of course, it could be thinking nothing at all and April was just sleep-deprived having worked an accidental ten-hour shift at the hospital yesterday. Winter months were always bad for hospital employees. April held onto the theory that people wanted to go to the hospital to hear from a doctor that, no, there is nothing wrong with them. But as the weather got worse, and the mercury dropped more and more, people needed to hear that nothing was wrong with them. Yes, April was slightly cynical; she knew that being a nurse for the past three years had taken a small toll on her, she had no idea what the next twenty might do to her. Honestly, April hated to admit it, but sometimes, she hated that she gave up on journalism being anything more than just a hobby. Especially considering that everyone and[…]

The did he or she really do it mystery game movie.

Clue: The Movie

Hello All! Thank you for checking out our new podcast segment: A Guy, A Girl, and a Time Machine.  In this podcast we discuss something we love from prior 2005, either movies, games, or comics.  Our inaugural episode is all about a board game turned movie Clue.  Thanks again, and please feel free to leave comments, questions, and find us in iTunes (while there maybe give us a 5* rating!). ~Nicole


Ninja Turtles: A day in the life, Part 2 by Josh O’Rourke

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES   About five minutes before he met his brothers at the platform for their run, Raphael quietly snuck into his old room and sat on the edge of the bed for a rare moment of contemplation. Raphael room was stark and kind of lifeless at one time. He was surrounded by stone walls, bare floor and a twin-sized bed for years. Raphael always looked at his brothers’ rooms and thought; ‘That’s them.’ Raph always thought that when you looked at a person’s room, you’d see who they were. Mikes room was filled with boxes of comics and a large drafting table, loaded with art supplies. Leo’s room was immaculate, filled with art books and travel books. Don’s lab was full of tools, work benches and books. And Raph’s room was empty, but that was then. Raphael wasn’t much of a philosopher, but he always wondered if his room being empty meant he was empty. And then he met Mona, something changed, and his room wasn’t empty anymore. Now it had a TV with a DVD player. Old and new movie posters lined the walls. A large oak dresser sat in the corner, filled with t-shirts that[…]

Reboots and Remakes

Show #60 and Friends! (Reboots and Remakes) part 1

This week we are once again graced with the wonderful talents of Melissa Ann and Brent from  I want to say thank you to them for setting aside what became a wonderful discussion about Reboots and Remakes.  Josh and I had a fabulous time and hope to do it again.  I had to split our conversation into two parts due to the length, but it is still a whole lot of fun.  (See my play on words there:) ~Nicole

Reboots and Remakes 2

Show #60 and Friends! (Reboots and Remakes) part 2

Hello All. This is part 2 of our conversation.  Oh what fun it is to have a couple of hours to talk with intelligent people.  ~Nicole  


Ninja Turtles: a day in the life

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES   Water was dripping from some unknown source. Obviously it was from some loose fitting on a pipe somewhere, or a faucet or shower head in one of the bathrooms. For whatever reason, that always seemed to wake Leonardo up before his alarm had the chance. Every day for years now, the small “drip, drip, drip” of water falling from some source nears his room would bring him to a new day. Leonardo opened his eyes slowly and stared up at the stone ceiling above him. His eyes focused quickly and he cracked his knuckles as he rolled out of bed. “VEEP…VEEP” Leonardo quickly pressed the off button on his alarm. His brother, Donatello, made him that alarm for Christmas three years ago. Every time Leo looked at it he remembered how excited Donnie was when he unwrapped it. Donnie was almost bouncing when he said; “It’s based on a perpetual motion engine I designed. It doesn’t run on batteries or electricity, but every time the second hand moves it powers the clock to move the next second. That alarm will keep perfect time for…forever.” Leonardo quickly and neatly made his bed. The heavy blankets almost[…]


Show #59

Hello Everyone! Have you ever wanted to see a Friday the 13th tv series on the CW?  Neither have we, but its happening!  In this episode, Josh and I talk about all sorts of fun tv and movie fun.  Let us know what you think of some of these new shows we talk about.  Also, make sure to check out Josh’s review of a cool movie called Creep.  Plus, check out and Turtle Flakes Podcast…both very interesting and fun podcasts/reviews. ~Nicole


“Creep” Last Minute Reviews with Josh O’Rourke

You see, its movies like this one that give me trust issues. Let it be known that before watching the film Creep, starring Mark Duplass and Patrick Brice, I had no idea about its existence, I had just heard about it about a week ago from a couple of friends. Trust me when I tell you that Creep is one of, if not the most, surprising film I’ve seen all year. While you may be put off by another found footage film, of another loner, of another cabin in the woods, you would be wrong. This movie, defies your expectations of what you think a “horror” film is all about. Not ten minutes goes by, and you already realize that this film is not about gore, nudity and pushing the envelope with how far you can go with an “R” rating. This film, in my opinion, shows you exactly how scary/creepy awkward conversations can be. Creep starts out simply enough. Aaron (Brice) is on his way to see Josef (Duplass), a cancer victim given months to live, after answering a craigslist add for a camera man for a days’ work. Josef is dying of a brain tumor the size of[…]


“Before We Go” Last Minute Reviews with Josh O’Rourke

Before We Go Let me share something with you, something that took me a while to learn; you’re going to love who you’re going to love. That one line is what’s at the core of Before We Go. This movie is basic, there’s no CGI, no stunts (save for one punch to the nose), trailers for the trailers or3D option to be found. This film is a simple story about two people who are thrown together by circumstance and good character. From being stranded in Grand Central station to crashing high rise parties they weren’t invited to, to strolling bad neighborhoods and drinking coffee they can’t pay for; this film is a simple story of (about) six hours of the interconnecting lives of two people who are lost. Just like all of us have been at one time or another.   Chris Evans and Alice Eve   Nick Vaughn (Evans) is a trumpet player wasting time playing for nothing in the middle of Grand Central station in NYC. He’s come to New York to audition for a spot in a jazz band that has recently lost their trumpet player. Brooke Dalton (Eve) is probably having the worst night of her[…]


Nicole’s Notions 2: The Depiction of Women in Comics

Nicole’s Notions Part II: Women in Comics   First off, let me being with a statistic: 47% of comic book readers are female, about 9 million ladies.  This may seem like a staggering number, especially when one walks into a comic book store and all you see are guys followed by the staggering hush that falls over the room as an elusive female walks into the men’s domain.  Most of the women I know read comics, including myself, and we pass them on to our daughters and sons.  There is nothing wrong with wanting to share these artistic visionary marvels with our daughter, sons, or significant others; in fact, I encourage it. I love when I can share stories with my daughters, especially when they concern great role models and contain strong, willful, and smart heroes they can look up too. I recently wrote about the harmful side effects the portrayal of male comic book characters can have on men and young boys, so now in my 2nd part, I want to cover a subject I have first hand experience with: How the portrayal of female characters can effect self worth and self esteem. It may seem like playing a[…]

Podcast with friends

Show #58 in 2 parts…With Guests!

Hello everybody! Once again, thank you for tuning in to Bargain Bin Radio.  This week we have a very, very special podcast because we have guests and questions!  This episode does contain the content you have come to enjoy, i.e. wandering conversations.  Our guest are two very special people from the internet, Brent and Melissa Ann.  Melissa Ann writes for Scared Stiff Reviews and is a big fan of horror which is something new to me.  I have included a link to her very interesting and entertaining works.  I have agreed to watch a couple movies based on her and Brent’s recommendations. We talk about horror movies, what movies we would pay to produce, and answer some questions from facebook users.  We talk each others ears off, and even with cutting the episode down it is still almost 2 hours long, thus I have broken it into two parts for ease of listening. Check out the other two posts with the actual podcast.  Once I learn a bit more about web design, I am hoping to be able to learn how to put it all into one post, so bear with me ya’ll! Please let us know with a comment[…]


Army Of Underrated

Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel. Back in 2008, a game called Army of Two was released for PS3 and XBOX 360, and at the time, it was considered an ambitious title to be released. The whole point of the game was for you and a friend, either on the couch or online, to co-op your way through a cover-based shooter adventure playing as two former military special forces operatives. The hook was that this was going to be a game that could be enjoyed as a single player experience as well as with two players. Well, it’s been seven years since that first game was released, and now two sequels later I can tell you: this is the best entry in the series. It is a criminally underrated game that had the bad luck to be released on the same as one of the most anticipated games to be release in the last console generation. But first… Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel was meant to be a soft reboot of the Army of Two series. While the previous two games in the series were received positively by both critic and gamers, EA Montreal and Visceral games wanted to[…]

Show #57

Have you ever wondered what it would sound like to listed to two people ponder the mysteries of the universe? I am afraid to inform you that you may be in the wrong place for that, however, you are in the right place to listen to Josh and Nicole talk about Ant-Man, Spider-Man, Super-Man, Iron Man, and Daredevil…feels a little out of place considering all the -Mans before that… In our newest episode, we talk about Ant-man!  Did we like it, love it, or hate it?  Well, you are just going to have to listen in to find out.  I will give you a hint: It could be the first one or the last one…or the one in the middle.  We just want to keep you guessing. Also coming this week, I will have her 2nd opinion piece to follow up the depiction of men in comics about the depiction of women in comics and comic movies.  It should be interesting because I am passionate about such topics, and when I start on a tangent, I just keep going.  Here’s to hoping it turns out well. Thank you again for listening in.  Josh and I appreciate it very much.  You[…]

Four things that “need” to happen in Batman v Superman

Hey everyone. Don’t you hate those internet articles that rant about the things that supposedly have to be in a certain film that no one has seen anything for, outside of a trailer? Yeah, me to. Any-who, here’s five things that need to happen in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.   1) We should find out what has happened to Clark Kent. Superman’s secret identity  is him pantomiming humanity. Acting like a soft, vulnerable human would be hilarious and kind of offensive in any other film (depending on director) But with Superman, it’s a way of life for him Clark Kent is a way for him to escape from the honest to God hard work that is being a superhero that people are going to be ungrateful to.  So…what’s going on with Clark? What is his relationship with Lois like? Are they together, or just friends? I mean, we all saw that kiss in Man of Steel, that ain’t over. But, me being a Superman fan, I can’t help but wonder what his daily life look like. Does he go to the gym and act like he’s working out? Does he ignore crime sometimes and just hang out with[…]

All Star Superman

Nicole’s Notions: Depiction of Men in Comics Part I

Hello loyal listeners. So today, I am just going to write an opinion piece with an open letter/challenge to the comic industry.  I am often out spoken when it comes to my opinion about the way women are depicted in comics, but what I have failed to do is convey my opinion about the male heroes as well.  So let me explain. Why do we read comics? I can’t respond for everyone, but I read or learn about them because they are interesting.  I find the stories and characters can be very interesting.  Up until a few years ago, I thought that Superman was a crappy character.  In my defense, give an alien unlimited power from the sun and make him the ultimate boy scout and there you go…Superman.  It wasn’t until I read All-Star Superman by Grant Morrison.  It took me a couple hours to read the whole thing.  I loved it. The thing that caught me the most was the way Superman was illustrated on the cover: This drawing of Superman really hits home with me.  This is not some ‘roided out crazy hero, this is a man that can blend into society on the regular.  He is[…]

Show #56: SDCC Trailer Breakdowns

Hello again listeners. Here we are…Trailer time!  So Josh and I talk about the cool trailers that were dropped at SDCC as well as coming up with a new (old) idea.  We are going to attempt to do trailer breakdowns, not only from upcoming and new movies, but from others as well.  I want to keep it a little bit of a surprise because being surprised can be fun.  Thank you again for listening in and be sure to check us out and like us on facebook as well as subscribing in itunes.  Have a great week, and we look forward to hearing from you. Next Show: ANT-MAN ~Nicole

SDCC….Oh My Goodness.

So this last weekend was San Diego Comic Con.  What happened one might ask if you were not in attendance.  Well, first of all, Marvel was absent.  They are going to be out in force at D23 the Disney Convention.  This was great news for fans and movie makers a like.  It was the DC/WB and Fox show.  Pirates leaked trailers online for Suicide Squad and Deadpool, but official trailers were released for Batman vs. Superman and then today Suicide Squad.  We will be discussing these trailers and more in our next show including Man from U.N.C.L.E.  Check out the trailers and let us know what you think. ~Nicole Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Suicide Squad Now, Here is my theory.  In this trailer, at the end, there is a scene with the Joker about to hurt someone really, really bad.  Well, although most will probably think this is Jason Todd, this is Harley Quinn.  If you watch through the trailer, there is a point where Dr. Quinzell is attacked and strapped to a table and the more trailer happens, then the torture promise.  Pay close attention.  The Joker lays hands on Harley’s face, then at the end promises[…]

Show #53 part 1

  Again, Thank you so very much for looking at our podcast, listening, and for checking out our facebook page, podcast, and subscribing in iTunes! ~Nicole

Show #53 part 2

Okay, so I am going to post the show in two parts again because iTunes is being stubborn and it wont let me upload two shows from one URL for some reason.  I wish it would though.  So again, please enjoy our shows!