Show #52

Hello Everyone!  Thank you for coming back and if it is your first time here, please make sure to check out our other shows.  In this podcast we talk about the upcoming Mortal Kombat X game as well as TMNT comics.  And a shout out: Thank you to the Turtle Flakes Podcast for their great podcast! If you want another podcast to check out, I suggest theirs.  Find us on facebook and in the itunes store.  Leave comments and questions here or on Facebook, and thank you again for stopping by.


Show #51

Hello Everyone!

In our 51st show, Josh and I talk about why Batman: Gotham Knight has been assigned a Mature rating by the ERSB, more about the Avengers, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Resident Evil Revelations 2 episodes.  It has been a fun 2 weeks and I think it turned out to be a pretty good discussion.  Will our predictions be right about Avengers: Rise of Ultron?  Josh and I have different ideas as to how the movie flow will go.  I wonder what we should wager each other?  I think if I am right, he should cook me dinner!  Let us know what you think about the upcoming Avengers movie and thank you for listening in.


Show #50 and Our Return

Welcome back!  We have taken a long hiatus over the past few months to deal with some life changing events, but now we are ready to come back and hopefully entertain and be entertaining.  In this episode we talk about why we have been gone for 4 months as well as some show ideas.  Greatest couples in video games and comics based on influences in real life will be an upcoming show topic if you would like to add to that conversation.  We also talk about Spider-Man coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe with our thoughts about another origin story, where we would like to see Spidey go, and what is the big deal with Peter Parker’s race anyway?

For our next show we will come back to talk about some video games we have been playing as well as some random tidbits of other information.  Thank you for checking us out again and understanding that life happens to us all.  Please find us on Facebook with comments or here in the comment section.

Thank you!
~Nicole and Josh

Show #49 in Two Parts! What???

Part One

Part 2 is in the next post!


So, here we are again.  How are you?  Everything seems to be going well in the cinematic universe as of late.  We have a BUNCH of movies to look forward too in the near and not so near future.  The first would be Avengers: Age of Ultron.  Here is the extended trailer:

YouTube Preview Image

Here is the original teaser trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron. To further expand upon a theory that seems to make more sense today, at the 37 second mark is where Black Widow is holding Bruce Banner’s arm. I know it is a 1 second shot, but that compiled with some other shots of Black Widow and Bruce Banner kind of make me think I am on the right path. We will see if my theory is true when the movie comes out!

YouTube Preview Image

Next, there was big news from the people at Marvel to include movies up until 2019!  I have made a table in hopes that it is a bit easier to look at the movies from DC, Marvel, and the other guys ( more than one movie house) that all pertain to at lease mostly confirmed movies. Of course these can all change, but pull out your planner and fill in some dates because there are a whole lot of hopefully memorable titles to come!

The “Other” Superhero Movies Rumored

Fantastic Four August 7, 2015
Deadpool February 12, 2016
X-Men: Apocalypse May 27, 2016
The Wolverine Sequel March 3, 2017
Fantastic Four 2 July 14, 2017


WB and DC Movies (10-24-2014) Release Date Marvel’s Movie plans (10-28-2014) Release Date
Superman vs. Batman: Dawn of Justice March 25, 2016 Avengers: Age of Ultron May 1, 2015
Suicide Squad August 5, 2016 Ant-Man July 17, 2015
Wonder Woman June 23, 2017 Captain America: Civil War May 6, 2016
Justice League Pt. 1 November 17, 2017 Doctor Strange November 4, 2016
The Flash March 23, 2018 Guardians of the Galaxy 2 May 5, 2017
Aquaman July 27, 2018 Thor: Ragnarok July 28, 2017
Shazam April 5, 2019 Black Panther November 3, 2017
Justice League Pt. 2 June 14, 2019 Avengers: Infinity War Pt. 1 May 4, 2018
Cyborg April 3, 2020 Captain Marvel July 6, 2018
Green Lantern June 19, 2020 Inhumans November 2, 2018
Avengers: Infinity War Pt. 2 May 3, 2019

And as far as addressing the comments that Kevin Feige made pertaining to a female comic book hero movie, here is the article I read that is slightly misleading, so I apologize if I misunderstood at all.  The article was published 2 months before this post.  ~Nicole

Warner Bros and DC movies of the future

Hello Everyone.

Here it is, a beautiful Thursday morning, and I find my mind wandering towards the wonderful world of movies.  As I think of all of the wonderful Marvel movies that could be coming out in the next 8 years, I stop and wonder what DC and Warner Brothers might have in store.  As it turns out, yesterday WB put out a press release with such wonderful tidbits of news!  As of October 15, 2014 WB has staked a claim on the vacant dates of the future for movies they are hoping will be released to the much happy noises of fans.  Here is an overview of the schedule released:

Mar-25-16   Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (honestly, we all knew about this one with all of the news fans have been hounding out about it)
Aug-5-16     Suicide Squad directed by David Ayer*
Jun-23-17    Wonder Woman
Nov-17-17    Justice League Part One
Mar-23-18   The Flash staring Ezra Miller
Jul-27-18     Aquaman staring Jason Momoa
Apr-5-19     Shazam with Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam
Jun-14-19    Justice League Part Two
Apr-3-20     Cyborg
Jun-19-20    Green Lantern

As with all movies, dates are subject to change.

*David Ayer is known for writing and directing Fury, Sabotage, End of Watch, Training Day (W), and The Fast and the Furious (W).

So what does this mean?  Well, honestly, this means about as much as the paper it is written on.  Nil.  What does it mean to me as a fan?  It means YAY!!!  I am so excited to see Wonder Woman is on this list.  For anyone that thinks that her character is not strong enough for a solo movie, you should see the animated Wonder Woman movie.  It is pretty good.  And on a side note about that, let us just wait for the movie to come out before the judging begins.

There was no real mention or talk about Sandman with Joseph Gordon-Levitt which leads me to believe that this movie will not be included in the WB cinematic universe.  This is fine because there is so much about Sandman that does not really belong in the same universe as the Justice League.  The other stunning news was that there is no set date for solo movies for Batman and Superman.  Although confirmed stand alone movies for each character have been announced by WB, with Affleck at the helm of the Batman title, the release just stated that the movies would come out before 2020.  Again, this is fine.  When there is so much information to shove into such a short time period, relatively, if too much gets forced into this time frame, we could see a weakening in the movie making just like what happened in Iron Man 2…It is still a good enough movie, but had the studio allowed a bit more time spent on the incubation of the film, it could have been an overall better film.

I have added the link to the press release for those who are interested in reading the actual source.  Have a great day, week, month, year, and I hope we all look to the future with an optimistic attitude instead of a negative facade because it is what is “cool” to do.


Show #47

Hello All.  We have a new humorous show!  One of the entertainment items we discuss is the new show Gotham.  We have come to the conclusion that someone listens to our show that writes these shows and movies because everything that we talk about keeps happening.  Also, the Deadpool movie is happening.  View the short “leaked” online that helped launch that. Leave a comment or question for us and we will answer it to the best of our ability.  Have a great week.



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Show #46

So here we are again.  New movie trailer, new views, new ways to embarrass each other.  There is also a new television series that we talk about: Gotham.  Listen to the review and let us know what you think.  If you have any questions for us to answer, please post them here or find us on facebook @bargainbinradio.  Thank you for your time.


Show #45 Summer 2014

Hello Again Everyone!  Thank you for joining us once again.  In this episode, we discuss what we remember about the movies of the Summer 2014 season.  Take a wild guess what we remember the most about?  Want the answer?  Listen in!  :)  Towards the end of the episode, we give our reviews of Guardians of the Galaxy and Ninja Turtles.  Guess what?  You should see them!  With all of the sad that happens in the world, it is worth having a few hours of happy.

Thank you as always.  We truly appreciate your time.

~Nicole BBR

Show #44 TMNT Special

Welcome back to Bargain Bin Radio!  We have been on a slight hiatus due to SUMMER!  As you all know, we live in Northern Minnesota, and summer here lasts precisely 45 days then it is back to 1 million days of winter, so we are enjoying.  One of the many things we love to enjoy during this time of the year are the summer blockbusters (thanks Jaws).  Coming soon will be Guardians of the Galaxy, then 1 week later Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, followed the next week by Expendables 3.  August is looking pretty actiony.

With that in mind, we decided to do an episode mostly devoted to TMNT.  We do tend to go on mini tangents, but we actually manage to stay on track for most of the show.  If you like what you hear, you can download the show in iTunes podcast, for FREE, leave a rating, or comment here or on facebook.  We really appreciate you taking your time to listen to us and comment.

Thank you!


Also, as promised, here are a few little videos dedicated to TMNT fun.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image