Ninja Turtles: This is War, by Joshua O’Rourke

Six years ago…   Karai could hear that the battle was over, despite her best efforts, they had lost. As she opened her eyes, she could see that the heavily clouded sky had cleared and the humidity of the August night had gotten thicker. She wanted nothing more than to be back in her room, lying in bed and sipping her nightly tea. But her father had requested her presence at tonight’s confrontation. A request she was more than happy to fulfill. To fight at Oroku Saki’s side was something that she had dreamt her entire life. Seeing that her father had trusted her enough, that he had enough faith in her skill to count on her in tonight’s battle had given her a sense of accomplishment that she had never known before. How heartbreaking it was to see her father’s bloody, broken body not ten feet in front of her. Fire shot through her chest as she crawled towards him. The fight she had just witnessed was like nothing she had ever seen. Their opponents were, indescribable. They were some kind of creatures with green skin, scales and hard shells that could stop a sword in its tracks. They[…]


top five guest characters we hope to see in Injustice 2, by Joshua O’Rourke

So as of yesterday, the release date for Injustice 2, the upcoming sequel to the surprising DC comics fighting game of 2013, was announced. On May 6th of 2017, we will finally get to play the sequel to one of the most entertaining, and darkest superhero games out there. I’ll be honest; it’s been a hot minute since I’ve played Injustice: Gods Among Us, so I don’t really remember the entirety of the story, outside of the basics. After the death of Lois Lane, Superman goes crazy and becomes a world dictator. Batman (of course) leads a band of rebels against Supes and enlists the help of the Justice League from a parallel Earth. But no one cares about that. Even if you did, you lost interest in the story the moment you noticed how intricate and fun the fighting mechanics are. But then, DLC characters happened and an already robust character roster was increased by six(!) new characters. Now seeing as how the sequel is just four months away, and everyone has been talking about DLC “guest” characters since the first announcement trailer, I thought I would give my list of guest characters that I hope make it to[…]


Ninja Turtles: Punishment, the whole story, by Joshua O’Rourke

Ninja Turtles: Punishment.   Wake up!!!! Oroku Ryu jolted upright out of bed. Chills ran down his spine as his eyes struggled to focus on his surroundings. Slowly, outlines of furniture became visible as he tried to calm his nerves. Cold sweat beaded around the back of his neck as he tried to control his breathing. At home, in my room…at home, in my room…at home, in my room… Ryu repeated his mantra, telling himself he was safe. Every night for almost a month now, he had been having the same nightmare. Since the day he met the Turtles, since the day he fought and killed their father Splinter, he hadn’t slept a full night without waking in…fear; cold sweats, shivers and tremors and not recognizing where he was. Be honest with yourself Ryu, you regret killing someone. Ryu pulled himself together and got out of bed. He ran his hand along the edge of the mattress so he knew when to turn for the door. He didn’t really feel like breaking his toe because he walked into his dresser. He left his room, shutting the door trying to keep the nightmares in his room. Sleeping in his living room[…]


Ninja Turtles: Punishment, Epilogue by Joshua O’Rourke

Ryu opened his eyes and felt a sudden pang of disappointment wash over him. Yesterday had been possibly the worst day of his life. Yesterday, his grandmother, Lady Miyoko was murdered. What was worse was that he had heard it happen over the phone. Nothing could describe the utter helplessness that he had felt crawl over his body as he heard his grandmother breathe her last breath. As he ran for her apartment, he tried to tell himself that she would be okay, that he was overreacting. Nothing was wrong, she had fallen over, that was all. Sure, taking a fall at her age could be very traumatic, but it was something that was surmountable. She could, she would, recover. She was too strong, too proud to be murdered in her own home. But today, lying in a bed that wasn’t his, in a room that was foreign to him, he knew the truth. His grandmother was dead, and she would never come back. Perhaps it was his own doing. Maybe it was karma or something of the like. Maybe, had Ryu declined Hun’s offer, Karai’s offer, to take revenge against the Turtles, maybe his grandmother would be alive right[…]


Ninja Turtles: Punishment, part nine by Joshua O’Rourke

In the dojo of the Turtles home, a lone figure tested his strength under a single bare bulb.   Eight…Nine…Ten! Raphael replaced the weights on the rack and sat up from the bench. Today was going to be a good day, he could feel it. The blood pumping trough his veins and muscles woke up a bit more. Looking at the bar and nodding at the three hundred and forty pounds made him feel a sense of accomplishment that had been escaping him for these last few days. Raphael knew that with his family back together, despite the loss of their father, they could handle anything. But he felt at a loss lately. It was more than Leonardo being gone, and it was more than Splinter being murdered. A part of him knew that Leonardo was going to come back. And even though the pain of losing their father would never go away completely, it would become something that he could live with. In truth, Raphael knew since the moment that he saw Leo sitting with Karai in the tunnels yesterday; he knew that everything and everyone that they loved would be alright. Somehow, despite the odds or opposition, despite[…]


Ninja Turtles: Punishment, part eight by Joshua O’Rourke

Frank Mackenzie sat in Donatello’s lab, hunched over the massive workbench and reading the files and notes that Leonardo had recovered from some doctor. Frank didn’t remember the doctor’s name and didn’t really feel like asking for it again. Based on the reaction to what Leonardo had done, bringing it up again would only kill an already somber mood. He was only half paying attention to what he was reading. The notes in front of him sounded almost too crazy to be taken seriously, even with everything Frank had seen in his few years of fighting crime. Mutants and monsters, ninjas and assassins sounded like a pretty good movie, but it was a hard pill to swallow, even if he were going to end up fighting them within the next day or two. The doctor, whoever he really was, kept some pretty impressive notes, and it was obvious, to Frank, that the doc was covering his ass just in case he had to make a run for it. But parts of the notes sent chills up and down Frank’s spine; human experimentation, while not unheard of, left a foul taste in his mouth. Frank would never let himself understand what[…]


Ninja Turtles: Punishment, Roll Call by Joshua O’Rourke

  Leonardo Height: 6’ Weight: 192lbs Bandana: Blue Leonardo accepted the responsibility of leadership when his father, Splinter, tasked him and his brothers with challenging the Shredder to mortal combat. Leo is often seen as someone that is that is reliable in battle as well as someone that is trusted with bearing the burden of helping his family when the situation calls for it. Leonardo loves his family unconditionally, and would give his life to protect them, even if he sometimes forgets that he is no superman.           Donatello Height: 6’ 4” Weight: 185lbs Bandana: Purple Donatello is something of a tech genius, always tinkering away in his lab, working away at on a new weapon or a “modern” convenience for their home. Over the years, his love of tinkering has become something of an obsession for him, and as such, he has become detached from his family, often times spending days in his lab working away. Not even Donatello can explain why this is, but he has acquired a fondness for the solitude it provides.             Raphael Height: 6’ 1” Weight: 215lbs Bandana: Red Raphael has come a long way[…]


is it that good: Batman/ TMNT, by Joshua O’Rourke

With Halloween right around the corner, and with our website basically being a TMNT fan site nowadays, I wanted to talk about one of the most surprising comics I read this year; Batman/ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Now, to be honest, I was initially going to skip this comic series all together. It seemed like a bit of a cash grab to me. I mean, TMNT is (arguably) the best comic that publisher IDW has going for it right now. With over sixty issues and half a dozen miniseries spinning out of it that are all in continuity with the main series, Batman/TMNT just didn’t seem to fit with the groundwork that IDW has made with the Turtles so far. And on top of that, Batman is an incredibly popular character both in and outside of comics right now. With plenty of movies, video games and action figures bearing the bat brand, crossing over with the Dark Knight himself seems like a surefire hit; a hit that I was intending to pass up…and boy, am I glad that I didn’t.     While this story is slightly cookie cutter at points, it’s not without its purpose. The Turtles are sent[…]


Ninja Turtles: Punishment, part seven by Joshua O’Rourke

To Father- Hi, it’s Donatello. I don’t know what to say right now. To be honest, I’ve always found it hard to express what I feel. I mean, one time, I took an old coffee maker and converted it to a battery charger. Three years ago, for Michelangelo’s birthday, I made him a motorized skateboard that ran on steam. But writing down something that’s in my heart, especially lately, I just haven’t been able to find the words. I’ve sat in front of this laptop a couple thousand times in the past month and nothing comes out. And I think it’s because I’m afraid that what I have to say just won’t be enough. It won’t be enough to explain myself to you. Explain what I’m trying to say to you. I don’t even know where to begin. It’s so hard knowing that you’re not in the next room. You were the first person that I remember seeing. Your smile could fill up a room. You could look at us at our worst, when we were so beat down and you could tell us that everything would be all right, and somehow, through some form of ancient ninja magic that[…]


Ninja Turtles: Punishment, part six by Joshua O’Rourke

The pain in William Sharpe’s back and legs had finally become manageable. He hobbled his way from the bathroom to his kitchen, not wanting to admit to himself how much longer it took him now to bathe himself now than before his injuries. He used to take a shower in about ninety seconds. Blame it on his military training, but he felt that he was no excuse to waste an incredible amount of water. Now though, thanks to that freak turtle, Leonardo, he learned to revel in the massage he received thanks to hot water lulling his aching and pained muscles and bone into almost feeling like he wasn’t hurt at all. But he was hurt, and he would be for the rest of his life. Refusing to feel sorry for himself, he strode/hobbled into his kitchen as a teapot started to whistle on his stove. Resting his cane against the counter next to the stove, William poured himself a small cup of the boiling water. As he added a small teabag, he thought of what he said to his friend Ryu, about how he should leave the Dominators behind him. He had hoped that he had given his friend[…]


Ninja Turtles: Punishment part five, by Joshua O’Rourke

The punching bag swayed back and forth as Michelangelo punched and kicked his frustrations into it. He kept his weight even on the balls of his feet, trying to focus his breathing and keep his mind off of his current situation; their current situation. The Dominators attacks over the last two years, Splinters death, Leo’s disappearance and Donatello’s desire to just sit and wait was really starting to weigh on him. And through it all, what he didn’t want to think about the most, was his lack of …lack of, well, whatever motivation leaders have, Michelangelo knew he was lacking it now. Nothing was making any sense. Over the past three days, all anyone could talk about was Leo being gone, and frankly, he was tired of hearing about it. Leo, the guy that he had looked up to his whole life, had just deserted him and everyone else one night. If he had said good bye, that would’ve been one thing, but, no, Leo wouldn’t do that because he knew that they would’ve stopped him. God, he was tired of thinking of Leonardo and his brothers. What had changed? Leo was out on some kind of lone-wolf, vigilante mission[…]


The Best Superhero Movie Fights, by Joshua O’Rourke

Despite what Stephen Spielberg says about superhero movies “going out of style and heading the way of the western” In my opinion, superhero movies aren’t going anywhere. More than just a modern day action film, the superhero genre can tell stories of hardboiled anti-heroes that are down on their luck; or of a champion from another world who is trying to find his or her identity amongst a strange society like ours. But, let’s be honest here, we can talk all day about realism, social commentary and Nolan-isms, what really matters are the fights. Let’s not forget that comic book movies are based on comic books. Bright, loud, bombastic stories of men of action that were meant to grab the attention of little boys and girls that were just trying to make sense of the world around them. I don’t think that much has changed. As much as I love Batman, I would be disappointed if I didn’t see him punch the ever-living shit out of Joker at least once every three movies. So, for your reading pleasure, I submit to you my list of the all-time best superhero movie fights. Remember, this is an opinion; no one here is[…]


Ninja Turtles: Punishment, part four by Joshua O’Rourke

Pins and needles shot up through William Sharpe’s back as he tried his best to pour his morning coffee without spilling it all over the counter. It was the weirdest feeling of being in pain without being in pain. The shocks that went through his back with every step he took were a dull pain that, if his mind were focused on anything else at all, he wouldn’t mind them much; if he noticed them at all. Unfortunately for him, his mind could only focus on were the repeated knocks of pain that went through his spine, right hip and down his leg. Walking with a cane had helped, but right now, all it was doing was reminding him of how old he really was. Oh well, it’s probably time I retired anyway. That’s was probably true. For most of his life, William had lived a soldier’s life. Moving from place to place, meeting only a few people at a time, and killing them if he was paid to. But now, it seemed that that was at an end. To William, it seemed ridiculous that his mercenary career was put to an end by a six foot turtle that had[…]


Ninja Turtles: Punishment, part three by Joshua O’Rourke

To say that the doctor was shocked was a bit of an understatement. “You!” Doctor Craig said, already his hands were starting to shake. Alexander Craig was a tall and lean man of sixty five. His hair had gone gray around the temples, and his face bore deep lines above his eyes and mouth. His eyes were a rich brown that matched the hair on top of his head. Leonardo knew that the man was afraid, not just because someone had invaded his home, but because of who had invaded it. Leonardo had never met the doctor before, but he and his brothers knew him well enough. He was the mad that created the mutagen. He worked with Baxter Stockman and aided him in creating the Mousers. He was the one that chased April into the sewers when she caught him experimenting with Mutagen on cadavers. So much history lay between Leonardo and the Doctor, and right now, Leonardo didn’t care much for their shared history. The doctor broke away from his fear and quickly reached for a knife from a nearby knife block. It was a serrated blade meant for cutting bread. Obviously, fear was clouding judgment. In the[…]


Why you should be paying attention to Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, by Joshua O’Rourke

Gaming is something that I take very seriously. It’s something that has been a part of my life ever since I was a child and first played Pacman on my parents 2600 (thanks Mom). As I’ve gotten older, my life has changed drastically. I’m a father and a husband. I work a full time job and I write fan fic on the four mutated Tartaruga Brothers on the side. As I have changed, the landscape of gaming has changed. We’re more connected than ever. Characters in games practically leap of the screen and the worlds they inhabit parallel ours more and more. Story in a video game, once (arguably) considered an afterthought, has become a selling point that a lot of us take into consideration when deciding what game to buy.     Buying games has also become something of a gamble today, much as it was when people in their early thirties where kids in the eighties and nineties.  Nowadays, we don’t have to rely on the box art to sell a game for us, but the demos on the PSN store or the youtube channels run by some of our favorite developers. Such is the case for Hellblade:[…]


Ninja Turtles: Punishment, part two by Joshua O’Rourke

A small candle illuminated the room. The warmth of the fire made the cool room feel as if a bonfire were lit only a few feet away from Leonardo. He sat in the lotus position breathing deeply, breathing slowly, and keeping his mind at ease. Leonardo focused on the soothing warmth of the candle, letting the heat from the singular flame wash over his frame in lapping waves of comfort. He felt the temptation to keep his eyes shut and fall asleep. If he did that though, Splinter would make him do push-ups and jumping jacks until he puked. Beside him, his brothers also sat meditating. Donatello was occupying his time by counting the bricks on the wall opposite the Turtles. For a mind as busy as Donatello’s, a mind that needed a problem to solve, meditating did not come easy. Michelangelo had the same problem, but instead of counting bricks or trying to figure out how to solve a Rubik’s cube in less than ten moves, Michelangelo would often sing sounds in his mind every so often without realizing he was making the sounds out loud as well; Leonardo could hear his brother singing under his breath. The Song[…]


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadow, review by Joshua O’Rourke

I’m going to tell you right now, I have a bias when it comes to the TMNT. I have been a lifelong fan of the series since I first saw the animated series back in ’88 (I know it premiered in ’87, let’s not waste time). So when I heard that a sequel to the hit 2014 reboot was coming this summer, I was eagerly watching the days tick off the calendar, inching ever closer to another film full of Turtles goodness. Well, I am happy to tell you that this film delivers on what a Turtles film needs to deliver on; action, fun and family.  I had no idea that this film was going to check off so many of the bullet points of things that I had been waiting for so long to see in a Turtles film. You want new characters, meet Casey Jones. You want awesome villains, here comes Bebop and Rocksteady. Old favorites returning, well here’s April O’Neil and Vernon Fenwick (seriously). You want to see hints at a larger, possibly dangerous, universe; well get ready, because this film has the balls to give us Krang and Dimension X…well, maybe it’s Dimension X, I don’t[…]


Ninja Turtles: Punishment, part one by Joshua O’Rourke

Part one.   “Thirteen…Fourteen…Fifteen.” Raphael set the weight back on the rack. He was up early, just past four in the morning. Sleep eluded him so he thought that he would work out a bit. It had been a while since he had hit the weights this heavy, but he was happy to see that he still had a max bench press of three twenty five. I’m not strong enough, he thought. They had arrived back in New York late the night before. Raphael and his brothers, save for Leonardo, had crammed into the back of a moving truck, along with Mona and Venus; April and Casey had driven them back from Northampton. Raphael rose to his feet and walked, slowly around the massive dojo that he had spent years training in and thought of the family that slept soundly in the surrounding rooms. Mona was asleep in their room. Venus and Michelangelo shared his futon, along with April and Casey’s five year old daughter Shadow. April had wanted to go back to her and Casey’s apartment, what was left of it, and see if anything could be recovered from it. Shadow, who was barely awake when they arrived home[…]


Ninja Turtles: Punishment, Prologue by Joshua O’Rourke

    Wake up!!!! Oroku Ryu jolted upright out of bed. Chills ran down his spine as his eyes struggled to focus on his surroundings. Slowly, outlines of furniture became visible as he tried to calm his nerves. Cold sweat beaded around the back of his neck as he tried to control his breathing. At home, in my room…at home, in my room…at home, in my room… Ryu repeated his mantra, telling himself he was safe. Every night for almost a month now, he had been having the same nightmare. Since the day he met the Turtles, since the day he fought and killed their father Splinter, he hadn’t slept a full night without waking in…fear; cold sweats, shivers and tremors and not recognizing where he was. Be honest with yourself Ryu, you regret killing someone. Ryu pulled himself together and got out of bed. He ran his hand along the edge of the mattress so he knew when to turn for the door. He didn’t really feel like breaking his toe because he walked into his dresser. He left his room, shutting the door trying to keep the nightmares in his room. Sleeping in his living room helped some,[…]


Show #74 Trailer Talk

Hello Again! In this episode Josh and I talk about the upcoming onslaught of movies and their trailers that recently came out.  Every one of our friends is going to be so broke in 2016 because there are so many movies.  Coming up on Sunday January 17 we will be recording again with 2 Guys and a Buzz!  Get ready for some CHAOS!!! ~Nicole


Ninja Turtles: A Day in the Life, the whole story by Joshua O’Rourke

The story before the story… Sometime around the year 1990, Hamato Yoshi was a high ranking member of the Foot clan in Japan. Yoshi was an unrivaled warrior, yet a compassionate man, known for possessing great wisdom beyond his years. On the eve of his thirtieth birthday, he was honored by his masters with an offering of a position of leadership within the Foot clan. Yoshi refused the offering, not because he did not want to become a leader, but because he was afraid of his life within the Foot taking precedence over his life with the woman he loved; Tang Shen. Yoshi and Shen had met each other when they were children, and were devoted to each other when they came of age. Wishing to start a family with Shen, Yoshi left the Foot Clan and went to live in America. Hamato Yoshi left an honorable man. Yet, one of his superiors did not accept Yoshi’s resignation; Oroku Saki. Saki, whose lineage could be traced back to the very beginnings of the Foot clan, believed it an offense to put personal gain before the glory of serving the Foot clan. Disregarding the wishes of his fellow masters, Saki went[…]


Ninja Turtles: A Day in the Life, Epilogue by Joshua O’Rourke

Then… The day after the attack on April O’Neil’s apartment building, the day after the Turtles met the Dominators… Oroku Ryu was sore. Yesterday was a hard day. Most of his soldiers were seriously injured fighting the Turtles. Sharpe in particular, hadn’t woken up since they had returned to Dr. Craig’s lab. His injuries were extensive, but Ryu knew that the good doctor would see to it that his soldiers were healed. Regardless of his soldiers condition, yesterday, was a good day. He had finally faced Hamato Yoshi in battle. Everything he had heard about the old rat was true. He was still a cunning warrior despite his age. For the last six years of Ryu’s’ life, all he had thought of was taking revenge upon Yoshi for having his father murdered. Every morning he woke up with a burning rage in his chest, and every night, as he waited for sleep, he thought of his father. He thought of how he was never able to meet him, about how his sister was the one chosen to fallow in his fathers’ footsteps. But tradition was what was important, not blood. Lineage was greater than family, the Foot, and possibly his[…]


Ninja Turtles: A Day in the Life, Part 10 by Joshua O’Rourke

December 10th, So this comes from the mind of Michelangelo. No, that sucks…This comes from the desk of Michelangelo. Okay, so I don’t write much, especially since this one time, when we were kids, Raphael caught Leonardo writing in his diary. Leo said it was a journal, but I think we all know the truth. But I’m writing this on an old typewriter that I found in the attic, so, this is totally different. Anyway, I think I’m stalling. I don’t really know what it is I want to write. Mona told me that writing down your feelings really helped Raph get through a lot of his anger issues. Not that I’m an angry kind of guy, but I thought maybe writing something down would help me figure out what has been going on these last couple of weeks. Wow…I can’t believe Mona made Raph write in a diary. December 12th, I’m sure I’ve written this before, but I don’t write much. April saw that I was writing and she told me that she misses it. I always thought that she would win a Pulitzer or a Peabody award someday. I’m sure she’d be the first to tell you that[…]

Or was it Nicole?

Show #73

Hello Everyone.  Ready for another epic “argument” from Josh and Nicole?  Well, Josh wasn’t ready for it!  I just happened to disagree with Josh about one key point in Avengers: Age of Ulton, but we have a nearly epic conversation about it.  Listen in and let us know what you think. ~Nicole


Ninja Turtles: A Day in the Life, Part 9 by Joshua O’Rourke

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles   “Get up Sharpe!” Leonardo said. He and his brothers were fighting for their lives. So many times before, he had been in front of a man that wanted to kill him, for nothing more than being a hero, a mutant, or just because he was in the way. But something about this felt different, something felt scary to Leonardo. “Is that all you got Leo?” Sharpe said. “Is that all the great leader of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has for me?” Sharpe was smiling, almost laughing while blood flowed slowly from his nose. Leonardo felt sick to his stomach just looking at Sharpe, his soldiers, and seeing all the pain and anguish that the Dominators had caused them; all of the useless death and chaos that they had caused. All of the friends that they had taken from Leonardo and his brothers, all of the fear that they had secretly been causing them, it all had to end; today. Sharpe rose to his feet as his smile grew wider. “How about, I show you what I can really do?” He pressed a button on his headset and called out another order. “This is Sharpe,[…]